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Keeping K-12 Cafeterias Safe with Thermo-Kool Walk-ins

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Compared to other businesses, school foodservice is unique and comes with many obstacles and challenges. One of the main pain points is refrigeration, which must hold sufficient food for students and faculty and keep it at safe temperatures. In most cases, operators can alleviate many of these issues by investing in walk-in coolers that stand up to heavy usage and keep food safe.

Understanding K-12 School Refrigeration Challenges

Reliable refrigeration is paramount because K-12 schools must serve between a few hundred and several thousand students multiple times daily. Older coolers and walk-ins may have air leaks that can lead to temperatures that put food in the danger zone or create mold growth within the cooler. Since these schools are under more scrutiny and regulation, unsafe practices could lead to costly renovations and potential lawsuits.

Another challenge is that workers must be fully trained in proper foodservice techniques, leading to improper storage and organization systems. So, operators must rely more on walk-ins to provide adequate refrigeration to minimize food waste as much as possible.

Thermo-Kool walk-in coolers alleviate many of these issues. With a hardrail perimeter and camlock system, interlocking panels ensure a tight seal, keeping cold air in and warm air out. And with Thermo-Kool's exclusive Air Lock Release Valve, you never have to struggle with negative pressure building up and creating difficulties with door operation. Additionally, Thermo-Kool has partnered with the Bluezone® UV Air Purification system, which filters the air inside the walk-in to remove up to 99.999% of pathogens, mold, and ethylene gas. All of which helps keep food colder while also helping to reduce food waste and save money.

Customized Solutions for Space Optimization

One reason operators find it difficult to invest in refrigeration for K-12 schools is size. Typically, walk-in coolers come in one of several fixed sizes, which may not work within the confines of a cafeteria kitchen. While it's possible to have a custom walk-in built to order, doing so is often cost-prohibitive.

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Thermo-Kool offers modular customization to enable K-12 operators to build the walk-in they need without exceeding their budget. With a choice of flooring options and modular panels, it's easier than ever to design and install a customized cooler for less. In some cases, schools may be able to have multiple coolers to accommodate more foodservice options.

Swift Service for School Operations

K-12 schools must operate within strict regulations and operating hours. So, if there's a mechanical problem, the school can't suspend cafeteria service for long.

Additionally, because schools are open throughout the majority of the year, operators must take advantage of seasonal breaks to handle upgrades and renovations. So, they must rely on vendors that offer quick turnaround times and comprehensive customer service.

Thermo-Kool understands these challenges, so each part of the buying process has been streamlined to accommodate these strict time constraints. Operators can design their dream walk-in cooler online and then contact the sales team to place an order. Because of the modular design, new walk-ins can be shipped and installed in a few weeks (not months), giving operators peace of mind. Escape the pitfalls of slow preparation, restricted storage, and inefficient operations by leveraging Thermo-Kool's four-week lead time. Plus, you can track their Thermo-Kool order so they can plan accordingly.

Best of all, with world-class customer service support, school districts don't have to worry about lengthy delays or disruptions if something goes wrong. Representatives are standing by night or day to help ensure your operation remains operational.

K-12 Schools Partnering With Thermo-Kool

Although school foodservice can be challenging, having the right equipment and support can make it much more manageable. School foodservice directors can use Thermo-Kool's solutions to alleviate many of the problems they face in the cafeteria. This includes high-tech air purification and airlock systems that help keep food cool and prevent mold growth. And simple installation methods enable schools to upgrade refrigeration systems with customizable features faster than they thought possible, allowing them to provide better meals for students and faculty.

Design the walk-in cooler built specifically for your school's specifications:

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