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    The Long-Term Value of Panel Design and Durability in Walk-In Coolers

    Food safety is vital when running a restaurant, and a commercial walk-in is essential to any kitchen. However, what if operators could customize their walk-in coolers to fit their needs and floorplan? Thermo-Kool empowers operators and chefs to get more out of their food storage options with a hard rail system. How revolutionary is this system? Let's break it down.

    How Walk-In Coolers Power Commercial Kitchens

    Food preparation and storage are the foundation of any foodservice operation. Without a cooler to keep ingredients out of the food danger zone, dishes would consistently become hazardous to everyone's health. A walk-in cooler is the backbone of most commercial kitchens because they preserve the ingredients that ultimately result in making money.

    A walk-in cooler can be more versatile and easier to maintain than a series of traditional refrigerators. Not only does a walk-in maintain its temperature better, but it works well for both immediate and long-term storage.

    Walk-ins are so valuable that commercial kitchens without them should think about upgrading. Fortunately, Thermo-Kool makes it easy to customize and install a walk-in almost anywhere.

    Why Panel Design and Durability Are Vital for Walk-In Coolers

    For a long time, the only way to install a commercial walk-in was to bring pieces to the site, cut them, and install them in place. This process was time-consuming and left a lot of wasted equipment afterward.

    Modular, hard panels from Thermo-Kool are much better for a few reasons:

    • It's easier to customize the shape and layout of the cooler.
    • The panels lock in place, so there's no need for cutting and pasting.
    • With patented insulation, Thermo-Kool walk-in coolers will always maintain the proper temperatures.

    To ensure that each cooler meets Thermo-Kool's standards, they're entirely assembled in our factory in Laurel, Mississippi, for testing and to make sure all the pieces fit together seamlessly. The coolers are then disassembled, shipped, and reassembled at the client's business. 

    Unveiling the Secrets: A Superior Walk-In Cooler Panel Design

    Building a walk-in cooler from scratch doesn't have to be a time-consuming headache. Thermo-Kool has always been at the forefront of commercial refrigeration, and the hard rail system takes that to the next level.

    First, each panel is only one square foot so operators can build a small or large cooler for their kitchens as the space dictates. Also, the panels come with an "cam-lock" mechanism so they can fit together seamlessly without needing heavy equipment.

    Operators can also choose panels with four inches of insulation. This flexibility allows customers to select the right thickness for their needs and never worry about varying temperatures once the cooler is operational. Plus, each panel is framed in Durathane for long-lasting durability.

    Finally, operators can choose their flooring to make getting in and out of the cooler easier. With many customizable elements, these coolers work perfectly in many commercial kitchens, including schools, restaurants, and stadiums.

    Thermo-Kool's Philosophy of Putting You First

    While there are other choices in the walk-in cooler and freezer industry, Thermo-Kool stands above the rest in the quality of materials used and the team taking each product from design to completion.  

    As evidenced by the customization options of the hard panel walk-in system, Thermo-Kool delivers superior performance and invests heavily in customer service. This two-pronged approach is a big reason why Thermo-Kool is the premier name in commercial refrigeration. But that's not all; the brand also helps operators with online tools like the order tracker and Bluezone ROI calculator. Data drives decisions in the modern era, and Thermo-Kool delivers the numbers to help operators make informed decisions.

    Think it might be time for a new walk-in cooler? Download our free checklist and find out:

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