The Chill Zone

    The Chill Zone: Melissa Harrison

    Welcome to the Chill Zone! This month we're talking to Melissa Harrison, our Supervisor of the Inside Sales Team.

    The Chill Zone

    The Chill Zone: Bud McKee

    Welcome to the Chill Zone, where we introduce you to the team members of Thermo-Kool. This month we're talking to Bud McKee of the Maintenance team.

    Blast Chiller

    How Blast Chillers Can Help Summer Events

    Summer brings holidays and outdoor events. Commercial kitchens that use a blast chiller save time, labor, and money while also keeping customers...

    The Chill Zone

    The Chill Zone: Lisa Hinton

    Welcome to the Chill Zone! We're introducing our employees, who make our company special. So meet Lisa Hinton, our Executive Specialist/IT/Marketing...

    Walk-In Freezer

    Walk-Ins That Withstand the Test of Time

    While there are different products that serve specific functions, one thing is a universal need for any customer. Choosing durable walk-ins is vital.

    Blast Chiller

    Tips To Having A Successful Brunch Program

    Brunch has become a staple of American cuisine. Discover how businesses can do brunch easier with blast chillers and shock freezers to help.

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