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    Thermo-Kool Hot Topics of 2022

    2022 was a great year for the Thermo-Kool team! Catch up on some of our most popular blogs that kept readers interested in our products and staff.

    Blast Chiller

    Preparing Your Menu Safely For Fall

    Fall foods are some of the most popular of the year. Foodservice businesses can safely prep and serve these menu items by using a blast chiller or...

    Blast Chiller

    Tips To Having A Successful Brunch Program

    Brunch has become a staple of American cuisine. Discover how businesses can do brunch easier with blast chillers and shock freezers to help.

    Blast Chiller

    What Is An Integrated Blast Chiller?

    Thermo-Kool's integrated blast chillers help maintain the quality of food, increase shelf life, and helps keep food out of the danger zone.

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